Make good use of new technologies in enhancing your business

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT). Drones. Web 3.0. Startups. These are some of the buzzwords that describe how technology has helped (and for those who are wary of it, taken over) society as we know it. Just imagine your business integrating with the latest technology:

  • You can make full use of drones to show your store's facade
  • You can develop applications that will also serve as your virtual store
  • Your website can have the best-pleasing design and yet still serve customers
  • You can describe yourself as a startup
Sure, technology has helped in many ways, but it will still depend on you as a business owner if you will be wary of it, if you are willing to wait for the next big thing or if you are willing to take the risk and experiment. 

Life, aside from business, is experimental - you test out things through trial and error, and from those pieces you can get the thing you really wanted. If you are a clothing business that fails to keep up with the trends, you can ask the internet for newer trends that you can integrate. If your store does customization of shirts, why not take it online?

Simply taking your business online is one step of integrating the latest technologies into it. Imagine the number of debit card holders who does their transactions online now from those in the next five to ten years. Imagine how many people are using mobile phones now, and how many of them have set up their virtual debit cards; or has their coupons inside it. We are merely estimating that a few utilize these new technologies, and we can predict that in that time frame it will reach to a quarter or third of the populace.

This is just a nutshell in a plethora of reasons why businesses should enhance themselves using technology, and there will be more reasons in the future. Let's use the available resources that we can use now and play with it, for it will sure help us one way or another for the next wave of technologies.

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