What the latest Facebook and Instagram insights tell more about its users?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Facebook has released its insights on what people seek for the most on the Facebook and Instagram platforms, and the results may surprise you.
While both Instagram and Facebook are social media, and is used to share everyone's moments, the difference between the two is that Facebook is more on current events while Instagram is more on style.

Here's the gist of the excerpts from the said post:

  • "20% of Americans’ time on mobile is spent on Facebook and Instagram"
  • "On Instagram, people follow celebrities, get DIY inspiration and are visually transported to new places—while on Facebook, the primary appeal is connecting with family and friends."
  • "[...] Based on these findings, marketers might experiment with sharing reactions and opinions on Facebook and behind-the-scenes content on Instagram."
  • "[...] fun on Facebook is more about humor, and fun on Instagram is more about encountering the unexpected."
  • "[...] Compared to women, for instance, men were more likely to agree that Facebook and Instagram help them organize their lives. This might include learning about and RSVPing to events or joining special interest groups. On the other hand, women were more likely than men to agree that Facebook and Instagram help them stay in touch with close friends and family."
  • "Parents we surveyed aren’t just posting cute kid photos. They also said they seek video content on Facebook as often as Millennials surveyed [...]"
  • "Compared to older generations, Millennials (18–34) surveyed are more eager for video content. They’re also more likely to follow content related to fashion, beauty and interior design on Instagram than on Facebook." 
These helpful insights will give us newer ideas and approaches on how to interact with people on both Facebook and Instagram, and we thought of some:
  • We've been taught nowadays to focus more on mobile interactions, as most people no longer carry with them laptops.
  • If you want to have a familiar feeling, go to Facebook; if you want to be inspired by the scenery or want to see something that will make you do something, go to Instagram.
  • You can share event highlights on Facebook while keeping your Instagram followers at the sidelines (or you can bring them backstage!).
  • If you have a funny video, share it on Facebook, if you have a short inspiring video, post it on Instagram.
  • Facebook's treated as a space for connecting family and friends, but it also has been a home for many online groups. This has sort of killed the bulletin board system (or BBS forums). Whether you are a businessman or a hobbyist, Facebook has a group for you, built by its users.
  • Video is the new thing that is dominating Facebook. While it is being contested, Facebook's video platform is a great canvas for shareable viral content.
The next time you will make a strategy, you can count on these insights to help you boost your presence online.

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