The 8888 hotline and its relation to ease of doing business

Friday, July 29, 2016

Driver's license validity is to be lengthened up to 5 years. Passport validity to be lengthened up to 10 years. Processing is to be done online to decrease queues. Commitments in processing of documents will be delivered at a set time and date.

These are the things that President Rodrigo Duterte opened to the 17th Congress at the 2016 State of the Nation Address last Monday, and while there are some things that are not mentioned, what supposed to be a 30-minute speech went up to 100 minutes - and yet, we can say that it is mesmerizing.

President Duterte pointed out problems one at a time, and then proposed a solution. One of them is the establishment of the 8888 anti-corruption hotline, which will be connected to the Executive branch. This will complement the signed Freedom of Information executive order that he signed.

To sum his statement on the 8888 hotline, he made it clear that when he hears something wrong within his scope (Executive branch), "even a whisper," he'll take charge, go visit the person involved and ask why. "[...] hiwalay-hiwalay na tayo [...]," as he says it, should deter those who will try to do so.

The relation, or perhaps the benefit, of the 8888 hotline is that it is set up to help streamline the process of documents and to mitigate red tape that has been hampering the development of most Filipinos, including in the MSME industry. Once the hotline is set up in the succeeding weeks, we'll see how things will work - for the better, we really hope.

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