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Saturday, September 17, 2016

So you have the plan and you know clearly the event objectives of your clients, so what now?

First thing first, you need the right people to execute the plans that you crafted, without the right people say goodbye to your goal of creating a successful event.

Most of the time, the plan is so detailed, so perfect, but come the “Day of Reckoning” will fail to deliver. And when you go back to the drawing board, you will discover that there is nothing wrong with your plan, the fault lies in having placed wrong and incompetent people in the event operations.

This is the reason why Human Resources Management is important in Event Management.

In Human Resource Management, it is best if you have a department or a lead person that will oversee the human resources in an upcoming event, if you do not have, it is important that you have the skills in human resource management.

Human Resources Management involves the following:

Creation of a Culture of Excellence

Easier said than done, this aspect is something that you monitor and hammer to the minds and heart of your staff. Event Management is a service industry; in this industry “going the extra mile” is the rule rather than the exception. A Culture of Excellence becomes critical in this case.

The company is best communicated by how well the people work with the client.

Talent Development Process

You need to develop your talents. They will be the one that will work hand in hand with your clients. How your people implement to achieve the goals of the event is highly dependent on their competence and capabilities.

As such, training, capacity building, and career paths are some of the important aspect you have to deal with when it comes to talent development process.

Recruitment and Firing

What is your Talent Unique Selling Proposition or Human Resources Value Proposition? This element is very critical in attracting the right people and suppliers to help you achieve and satisfy your clients.

At the same time, I consider my event organization as a basketball team, people that cannot deliver needs to be replaced for a better team member. Having said this, firing is a difficult but a must action that one has to take in order to create a better event management organization.

Competitive Wages and Incentives

Let us face it, people will work for you if they can get what they need from you, and people will work hard for you if they feel that their salaries, wages and incentives are at par with the market or better.

In this aspect, you are like walking on a tightrope located on top of two high buildings, the wind is blowing, your life is at stake, and a wrong step will eventually spell your end.

I am saying, you need to be competitive but at the same time, and most importantly, profitable.

Attract and shower your people with an attractive package, but not to the extent of seeing your company in the red.

Clear Organizational Chart and Job Descriptions

Oftentimes, we cannot harness the potential of a staff because we do not have a clear organizational chart that helps the staff where to seek help and assistance whenever he needs it.

At the same time, he was confused and frustrated, because for him, he is already working hard to achieve goals and expectations, but at the end of the day, he is reprimanded, only because he and you do not see eye-to-eye on what are his job descriptions.

Again, remember, these two are easy to do, but most of the time placed in the drawer or at the dark corners of the office.

So you wanted to have a successful event? You wanted to maximize productivity and profitability; you can by putting a priority in your human resources in your event’s company. There is no one-way to do it. It is a process, but I tell you it is a worth your time and effort if you do it correctly.

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