What today's mobile games tell us about Loyalty and Rewards?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

There's a lot of games that are available to play on smartphones, from the casual to the hardcore - and each of these games have their own following. We take on for example two trending games that are hit with the anime-loving youth: The LoveLive! School idol festival and Mystic Messenger.

LoveLive! SIF is part of the multimedia LoveLive! School idol project franchise that produced the eighth best-selling musical act in Japan of the year 2015, two anime titles, a full-length movie, so on and so forth. It is a rhythm game where you can collect cards of various designs of its different characters, depending on the seasonal campaigns that are constantly being conceptualized.

On the other hand, the newcomer Mystic Messenger published by Cheritz in South Korea last June is a game wherein you talk to pretty guys and get into different situations. Heck, the game will even "call" or "message" you all of a sudden - even at 3 in the morning, as some players have mentioned.

What these games have in common? Both are available on the two common mobile OS platforms Android and iOS, both have in-app payments ("lovecas" or gems in SIF, "hourglasses" in MM), and both provide rewarding experiences to its players (the character cards are the things players look forward to in SIF, while MM players - mostly female - are looking forward to gush on their in-game crushes).

Now, the smartphone is an all-purpose device - we've told you before that your smartphone is a rewards card, and now we've shown you another aspect of the smartphone (as well as mobile computing on its own) - it's no longer reserved for the ones in business like in the 90's, and consumers are really into it more than the TV. With that said, smartphones are no longer a buzzword but a household name.

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