What infomercials tell us about Customer Experience?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Recently, we heard that TV5's going to reintegrate itself, focusing on sports and home shopping. This comes after the news that its news division chief Luchi Cruz-Valdes mulls to leave the network to pursue a new start. Of course, let's not talk about people here - we'll talk about one of the network's plans under its new leadership - home shopping.

Records say that RJTV introduced this concept in the 90's, and in 2016, there are five or so brands running in the country, selling products from East Asia or the U.S. They buy airtime from local networks to promote their products and how they can avail of these - these fall in a segment called "infomercials."

The usual pattern for these infomercials is to promote the product, demonstrate how tough/versatile/efficient it is, share testimonials, show the price and keep the viewer wanting the product through special offers. If you have seen infomercials before, you might have known icons such as Chef Tony, Billy Mays and Vince Offer. Notice how they pitch the products.

What does these infomercials show? These show the how effective home shopping is in getting your potential customers to call and buy right in a matter of minutes. This is why some say that home shopping is a temptation for impulse buying.

Positioning the brand, the products and the setting the right time gets you customers; add some iconic pitch makers and you now have brand loyalty that can also translate to viral topics (and in most cases, memes), which is a good thing entirely.

"We're still not done yet," they say - read on for the next few seconds and we'll tell you more about the Customer Experience Management Conference. Imagine customer experience professionals gathering in one place to share ideas and network with their fellows, that's what it is.

The Customer Experience Management Conference is part of the Customer Love Fest 2016, happening at the New World Makati Hotel on October 20 to 21. For reservations and other inquiries, contact 633-0153, SMS 0920 981 4376 or 0920 924 2532, or email info@exlinkevents.com. Our staff are on stand-by to take your reservation, so get in touch now!

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