Top 10 Delegates Comments that I Love for Customer Lovefest 2016

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The 5th Customer Lovefest, a conference that discusses CRM, Loyalty and Rewards and Customer Experience Management ended successfully.

Honestly, there were a lot of challenges, a common scenario for all events and conferences. But like all professional event managers and event organizers say, “You must ride along with the waves of challenges”.

We rode it and enjoyed the ride.

But beyond implementing the 5th Customer Lovefest, the best reward, I believe, is the feedbacks of the delegates.

Here are my Top 10 Favorites:

1. I am always on the look out for new ideas, trends, and practices and this conference give me that.

The conference is about providing new knowledge to the attending delegates and this comment best capture if Customer Lovefest was able to provide new knowledge to the delegates.

2.  My first time to attend such conference in my 20 years in the retail industry,  way back retail is just one stop and shop store but everything changed because of technology. This conference somehow will help me to connect my knowledge to retail and modern times.

3.   Gives me a reason/purpose why I do what I do. Brings you back to the basic and learn new things and makes you love your job and your customers more!

4.   This is my 2nd time to attend. I love the way the seminar is being presented to the attendees. I love the topics and the venue is very convenient.

5.   Holistic Approach- Different aspects, different angles, different insights. But all points to enhancing the customer experience to gain loyal customers

This is how the conference should be, that is to provide inspiration to new attendees and returning attendees. Our job as conference organizer is to uplift and connect people from the current and future trends of their industry and these comments typifies that.

6.   There are three things, why I like this conference: 1. Format - new and organized, 2. Good Partners and New collaboration and 3. Good mix of delegates: networking.

7.   You bring customer-facing professionals together.

8.   It covers a wide range of topic. is really effective for Q and A. No wasted time. No tea break, which I appreciate because I see the organizer’s maximized the time and I see my money's worth.

More than the knowledge that can be gained, we ensure that the delegates of the event to get to know their co-delegates, and hopeful, that thru this event, there will be future collaborations out of these small conversations.

And for delegates to comment that they get their money’s worth is a big victory for us. It means we have added more value on their conference investment.

This is always the goal, to make the delegates feel that they are getting their money’s worth in all events that we are creating. More so, in Customer Lovefest, the delegates should always feel that they won.

Last but not the least, here are two feedbacks that I feel happy about being a conference producer and organizer. Here is the reason why you can say that you love your job.

9.    Good crowd, ambience, food. Will recommend this to my friends and colleagues. There's a good mix of topics, personality of speakers as well. Great job. Awesome host too.

10.  This is my first time to attend the customer lovefest and honestly I was initially skeptical. I thought it would be boring. I was pleasantly surprised that it was exactly the opposite. The conference provided valuable insights from experts who are very good at communicating information that are relevant to any industry. What I liked most is the good mix of experts who were able to share relevant experiences that we can learn from.

From Skeptics, which you will encounter most of the time, to Converts, and hopefully, to Advocates that will give you a good word of mouth recommendation to other skeptics, on why you should be patronized as a conference and event organizer.

Although, I have already mentioned my top 10 attendee feedbacks, and there are many more great feedbacks from the attending delegates that I have not included here.

Let me just share this one last feedback that captures the magic that what we as an event organizer, are trying and working hard to accomplish. The attendee gave this short but powerful feedback:

11.                 It is unbelievably positive!

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