5 Things You Must Know To Be Successful in Attending A Conference

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Do you feel that sometimes you are mindlessly attending the conferences presented in front of you?

I used to feel the same way.

Attending conferences hoping that at the end of the day I will discover my Eureka moment why I am in a conference.

But you do not have to experience the same predicament before you achieve the success you wanted to have in attending the conference.

Here are five things you must know to be successful in attending a conference.

1.   GOAL

What is your goal in attending a particular conference? If you fail to set a goal, you will be like driftwood floating in the sea that is the conference.

You will never know at the end of the conference, when it is time to assess your time, effort and money in a particular conference if you earned and gained something out of it.

So, always remember, set a goal before you attend a conference.


Know if you will gain from the content of the conference. Content are the topics that are lined-up to be discussed at the event.

Primarily, the content is the reason why you should be attending the conference. Research shows that 80% of the attendees placed content as their number one reason for attending a conference.

So the bottom-line, always be checking the content and relate this to your need for cutting edge knowledge.


Of course, who are the speakers, if you are given the opportunity to listen to experts and successful personalities in your industry and field of interests, will you let this chance pass you by?

Speakers of the conferences can inspire you or plant the seed of change that you are looking all along in your life and career.

Therefore, always be checking and asking who will be the speakers at the conference that you are interested to attend.


Not all of your competitors and peers can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook, events and conferences are good venues to meet and get to know them.

In most of the conferences that I produced and organized, I make it a point when doing an event design that networking and deeper business socialization are achieved.

I strongly believe, that besides the nourishment of the mind and heart, the social aspect of the delegates must also be nurtured.

There is a saying, the mind is willing but the pocket is not. Your budget is critical in order to determine if you can or cannot attend the conference.

In the budget, your logistic needs are a consideration when you are attending an event.

However, one caveat, always gauge your budget or investment to the event in relation to the benefits and Return-of-Investment (ROI) that you are set to gain by attending the conference.

I emphasize the Gauging Process, because I observed that most people just automatically close the door when they feel that the conference is pricey without taking a look at the bigger picture, or the benefits that most of the time outweigh the cost of participation.

In summary, you will be successful in all the conferences that you are planning to attend if you follow the process of knowing your GOALS, CONTENT, SPEAKERS, CO-DELEGATES and BUDGET.

Having said this, enjoy your event participation and happy conferencing.

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