5 Things to Remember to Provide a Great Conference and Event Experience

Sunday, November 06, 2016

As an event organizer, producer and manager, I know that the challenge is to provide a superb conference experience to the corporate clients, association clients, sponsors, speakers and delegates.

After all, events are all about having a great experience.

So here are my top 5 things to remember to provide a great conference experience to all stakeholders.

1.    Achieve the Realistic Objectives

I always have in my hand a list of objectives that are expressed by the clients. As the process of implementing the event nears, I always look at this list and tick all the items that are accomplished.

I know that in the end, I will be accountable to the clients and report to them if I have achieved the objectives they have set and is expecting that my team delivered it as promised during the beginning of our partnership.

2.    Provide Excellent Service to the Speakers and VIPs

The speakers are the one that will lead your events to where it must go, to a place where delegates will get new found knowledge and inspiration to take action to their careers and organization.

It is only fitting that we provide a detailed care to all our speakers. Our care and hospitality to the speakers, in my experience, translate to their great performance on stage.

In addition, never forget the clients that are responsible for having you handled the wonderful and challenging project, in every step of the way be mindful in addressing their needs during the actual event.

Regardless, if your clients are difficult, they selected you to handle the job, make the feel like a diamond. Give them the VIP treatment.

In my experience, difficult clients become loyal clients once you satisfy their needs.

3.    Interactive Events

Conference, Exhibition, Trade Mission and other business events – my specialization, you should always design this keeping in mind that people love to interact with each other.

It is with this reason that I rack my brains finding the best ways to create the best platform to make the events interactive.

I use technology to aid me in making the event interactive. At the same time, I never forget that social interaction like business networking is crucial in making the event memorable.

So give ample time on how to achieve this in the most memorable and effective manner – no hard and fast rule, but when you deliver the goods in this area, the great reaction of all the event stakeholders is more than enough reward to your hard work and sleepless nights.

4.    Selecting the Right Venue

No matter how great is your execution it can be hampered if your venue is not right.

Imagine, you have great speakers, but the delegates are cramped in their seats because the venue space is so small for your event.

How about, designing a great program with a lot of wow to really make your conference or event something to remember, but the air conditioning system of the venue is not working. You look around everybody is perspiring and irritated because of the heat.

Indeed, the right venue is critical. May I also add, even the venue is right if you failed to do a site inspection, you might miss a critical detail that may spell disaster or cause your event to fail.

Therefore, never forget this favorite dictum of mine, “ God is in the Details”.

5.    Happy and Professional Staff

I am torn between this one and the audio and visual needs of the conference or event.

But we are in the business of providing excellent service your staff is the first touch point that the event stakeholders encounter. Your staff will provide the first impression of your event. So train and equip them.

In my country, the Philippines, we are not first in technology when it comes to event execution. However, we are able to create wonderful events and conferences because we have a staff with the heart to provide excellent service. They go the extra mile to satisfy clients and event stakeholders, and they deliver this with a smile.

So here I am sixteen years in the business event industry, I say this is my top 5 in providing a great event experience to the clients and other event stakeholders.

Besides being an event organizer, manager and creator, I love going to events, and these five things are also the reasons why I can that the event I attended is a Wow or something to forget and a waste of my time.

In summary, there are a lot of ways to create a great event experience, but if you will focus on these 5 things you can never go wrong. They are 1. Achieve the Realistic Objectives, 2. Provide Excellent Service to the Speakers and VIPs, 3. Interactive Events, 4. Selecting the Right Venue, and 5. Happy and Professional Staff.

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