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Saturday, January 28, 2017

This is the main question: Why hold an event?  We spend thousands or millions of money in holding an event but still we go ahead, and make the event happen.

Here are the 10 reasons why we must hold an event:

1.    Communication of Vital Information

Conferences, Congresses or Seminars are events that communicate vital information. Most of the information that you can gather here are cutting-edge.

This is the reason why even if the meeting is far and require you to take a long time to travel you will still go and attend the event.

2.    Achieve Consensus

In some cases, conferences and congresses have resolutions to be approved by the attending members of the event.

In the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Tourism Congress of the Philippines, two associations I am a member, resolutions at the end of the event are being discussed and announced as approved by the body.

This is one reason why events are critical in the society. The event produces concrete actions.

3.    Create Product and Service Awareness

In exhibitions, product and service awareness are achieved. In the marketing world, if there is awareness, there is a chance that there will be product and service trials – the start of creating a meaningful relationship with the target market.

4.     Create and Expand Networks

We attend events like conferences and exhibitions to create and expand our network. In terms of our personal branding, we place ourselves in the middle of the action and get to shake hands with our future partners and clients.

This is the magic of the actual event.

5.     Bring People Together

Concerts or movements need an event to bring people together. This moment is priceless. Beyond networking, we create a sense of togetherness. Bringing people together foster the spirit of human enterprise.

The recent Fusion Concert is an event that brings people together - believers that the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) must grow and continue to thrive in our society.

6.     Gain Acceptance

Events provide an idea a platform to gain acceptance. Events are powerful communication triggers that allows people to be accustomed to ideas.

The much-awaited Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas is the home of new ideas trying to gain acceptance to us consumers.

7.     Provide a Brainstorming Platform

I was witness to the breakout workshops of the United Print Media Group (UPNG) and Tourism Congress Philippines. UPMG workshops, talked about what they will do in the age of digital. The TCP workshops discussed ways to improve the support of the government to our existing tourism assets.

8.     A Response to an Issue or Concern

The different rallies staged by cause-oriented groups are social events that took place as a response to an issue or concern.

The different associations do the same thing as a response to a pressing issue that affects their industry.

9.     Media Exposure

Events are leverage for media exposure. Small enterprises or event big companies use the event to gain media exposure.

Media exposure is part of the benefits of creating and attending an event.

10. Memorable Experience

We create events to provide a memorable experience. I remember the first MICECON produced by the Department of Tourism in partnership with PACEOS, it was magical. I remember the first time I attended the Ad Congress it was fantastic!

We create to provide these experiences that changes lives and perspectives. We attend to gain insights and take a piece of that event and place it in our hearts.

Experience is the ultimate elixir of life; we get it instantly because of the events that we become part of.

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