Is your sales journey frustrating? Here's our advice

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sometimes, it's hard to reach past the quota that was given to you - you make all these calls to let people know that you are selling a product or a service, and yet only a few reply back. It's really frustrating, so you tried to know the ways to avoid those instances.

The thing is, researching on your own might still not be enough. In some cases, you'll need inspiration. We know that feeling - and guess what, we have an international sales expert who will share to you best sales practices and motivate you to present your pitch better.

His name is Tom Abbott, and he has brought his sales expertise working with different local and international brands with him for the Sales Leadership Masterclass.

The Sales Leadership Masterclass is open to accept future sales leaders aiming to exceed their targets this 2017! Led by its resource speaker, International Sales Expert and Author Tom Abbott, this Masterclass is the top sales seminar you need to see!

The Sales Leadership Masterclass will be held on Friday, March 31, 2017 at the Tower Club Makati. Reserve your seats by calling Ex-Link Events at (02) 633-0153 or 643-3887. You can also contact them by texting 0920-924-2532 or 0920-981-4376; or through email at

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