5 Guidelines in Choosing Your Conference Venue

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

So you are now all set to make your dream conference into reality. You believe that a lot of people will greatly benefit from this conference. But first things first, before the marketing the conference, inviting speakers and other details needed to make this dream into action, you need to choose your venue.

Choosing the venue of your conference may look easy, but is not. Most of the times, the success of your event or conference hinges in having the right venue.

So here are guidelines that will make your venue selection easy.

1.    Know Your Conference

By this, know the purpose of your conference. What is the reason the conference exists.

The nature of your conference will determine if it is best indoor or outdoor.

The reason and purpose of the conference will play a big factor in what venue it should be at.

So the best question to ask, and you must answer is: Is this venue fit my conference purpose and objectives?

2.    Determine Your Budget

You have a great vision of your event, and you are so convinced that your conference must only be staged in a particular venue. In fact, you already have a venue in mind.

Should you now push for that venue that is your first choice? The answer is yes only if you have already determined your venue budget.

The Conference is still a money making endeavor. Let us face it, we like to give the best to our target market, and the venue is one of the first things that will show how we would like them to have the best, but if it is out of our budget, we must look for an alternative that will still provide high quality, and not cost us our arm and leg.

This is just one example of why determining our event budget is important.

We need to profit to continuously offer annually our conference, therefore, we need to exercise caution and have a deeper understanding of the financial requirements of our event.

3.    Know Your Expected Number of Attendees

If you are expecting 500 attendees, but your venue can only accommodate 300 attendees you will have a big problem. In fact, you will create a number of irate and dissatisfied attendees because you cramped them like sardines in a small can.

The number of attendees is crucial in your venue selection.

In addition, the comfort that we wanted to provide to our attendees also improves their safety and security.

So always ask the venue managers about the ideal number of attendees that can occupy their venue, by doing this, you will save yourself from encountering a lot of problems.

4.    Know the Type of your conference

Is your conference a business forum like the Metro Manila Business Conference, or a casual summit like Ad Summit or Geeks on the Beach, a fun semi formal event like the National Marketing Conference, et

The type of conference will give you what the right venue for the conference that you wanted you are dying giving life.

5. Access

Is your venue accessible by public transportation? Is your venue easy to reach by your delegates? Is your venue having other nearby establishments that delegates can hang out before and after your conference?

There are other important and relevant questions to ask in this area. But one thing is for sure, before you put your signature into the venue contract, make sure that the venue you will choose is accessible.

In summary, choosing a venue for your next conference is never easy, but with the right guidelines you will be making this task less difficult, and achieve the success you wanted to have for your conference.


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