You are to sell a pen to your customer. What will you do?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

You're an aspiring salesman, and the first task your interviewer told you to do is to sell a pencil/pen. You take a look at the one interviewing you, and you take a look at the object. What will you do?

Last time, we dug deeper from a Quora question - let's do it again with this question-and-answer:

Read John Kaufman's answer to What are some of the best responses to "Sell me this pen/pencil" in a job interview? on Quora

If you noticed, the "pen" isn't just a pen - it could be a stapler, a scissor, so on and so forth - but what mattered in the answer posted is that good salesmen know what they're selling, but asks their customers first on their needs.

Filipinos are much more shy nowadays that they'll go online to check the reviews and how-tos before going to the place itself and ask the thing directly. But, in some cases, their research might have its faults and they end up with the wrong product still. This is the bright time for salespeople to explain the product well.

Considering the lesson in the answer, let's get back to the question. How will you sell a pen to a potential customer? If you have any other ideas aside from the answer posted above, let us know in the comments section.

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