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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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It is 2017 and the event management industry is starting the machine in churning different events this year.

Unlike the previous years a lot of changes are taking place. However, there are also some fundamental truths that are here to stay.

As part of the industry, here is my wish list:

1.    Strong and Free WIFI

Technology professionals and experts will continue to create great products that will alter the event management industry. But this innovation will be useless if we will continue to have poor WIFI connectivity.

And if ever, a strong WIFI is provided this year, the next is that it should be free.

A lot of venues here in the Philippines are charging exorbitant fees that will scare you to death and occupy a big chunk in your cost.

So this year, it is my hope that a strong and free WIFI become a commonplace in event venues.

2.     Lower Venue Rentals

It may be a wishful thinking, but a lot of event venues like hotels and expo venues are sprouting in the country, in particular in Metro Manila, competition is supposed to make the price go down right? But no, main venues are increasing their rental rates.

An increased rental rate and clients unwilling to increase their budget to expos, conferences and event participation is a challenge to all event organizers and managers like me.

So hoping that the law of supply and demand takes over or new constructed venues and hotel can provide the same services and quality the current venues provide albeit the lower rental price.

3.    Professional Supplier Partners

Event managers and organizers provide a lot of opportunities for suppliers. But in some cases, there are suppliers that fail the expectations of the event managers, this in turn, affect the event manager’s relationship with the clients. To cut the long story short, this results to client loss, every client lost is lost opportunity for suppliers.

This year, it is my fervent wish to have professional supplier partners that will ensure that my client event objectives are achieved and that they share my desire to create every event project successful.

4.    Passionate Event Professionals

The event is about people. The success of the event is about passionate people coming together to achieve things that look impossible possible. At the same time, working long hours is part of it. As they say, while most are sleeping, event professionals are working. This is not an 8am-5pm job a fact that all event professionals must accept.

Having said this, I am looking forward to meeting more event professionals that I can have as partners in creating more memorable and successful events.

And yes, Millennials are included in this wish.

      5.    Government Support

It is my hope that the government will increase their support to local MICE event managers and organizers.

The increasing presence of foreign competition in the country is a big challenge for all MICE event managers and organizers.

The local companies can compete with these giants if there is government support. One big reason is that the foreign companies have bigger capitalization compared to local event organizers and managers.

Local MICE event organizers and managers can survive and face the competition head-on if the government will provide incentives and support (financial and non-financial).

The year 2017 is an exciting and promising year, the wish list that I have is by no means exhaustive. However, I strongly believe if this list is granted, the year 2017 will be a blockbuster not only for me, but for other event managers and organizers as well.

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