You're supposed to entertain your customers

Monday, January 09, 2017

...and not the other way around - especially in elevator pitches.

We stumbled upon this question on Quora, where someone asks the best way to shut down a sales call quick.

Read Craig McClarren's answer to What is the best way to quickly end a sales call? "I'm not interested, but thank you," rarely works, and I'd prefer not to be rude if possible. on Quora

The one who answered the question ended up getting annoyed, and resorted to entertaining himself by entertaining the telemarketer and not the other way around.

For the telemarketer, we understand that it's hard to haggle with people who, chances are, shut themselves up whenever there's an offer. For the customer, it's bothersome most of the time.

We can apply the same context to the elevator pitch, where you get to introduce your product or service to them in a short span of time. You'll know from their faces or emotions that they're not interested.

One of the things that can attract their attention is to actually entertain them, as plain words are not enough. Here are the usual tips in entertaining the potential customer:
  • Show them something. Flyers, are effective: It saves time to explain things, it contains the things the people need to know, and they can easily share it.
  • Try a different approach. "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." This phrase has been said and done in marketing, customer experience, so on and so forth. Your idea might be great, but it can be better with a different approach. 
  • Generate a happy vibe. Before you get in touch with your potential contact, make sure that you have a positive vibe running within you - so much that it can be passed to your contact, which might increase the possibility of them getting back to you.

With the right tools and a positive attitude, you are now ready to entertain your customers. Just so you know, in case you persist to those specific targets and they just won't give back, it's time to look for another set - you don't need to keep looking at the usual doors when there's a million of them.

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