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Thursday, February 09, 2017

It is perceived by some people that team buildings consist of silly ideas to enjoy or a vacation squander in extravagant places with their own circle of friends in their organization or company. These kinds of behavior consequently discredit the importance of team buildings – to increase efficiency and collaboration of every member in meeting perpendicularly with the purpose of the team.

Team building comprises of activities with a specific objective inclined to individual employees who in other words SAW together to build a team – they Stays together, Achieves together and Works together. The set of key points procured in every team building events are as follows:


Increase in participation of employees in team building activities may reflect to their working place and will greatly contribute to the company’s success. Cooperation happens when two or more individual share their knowledge and ideas, enabling employees to move quicker and efficiently. It also provides a sense of direction, boost their spirit and make them feel like they’re a part of something big and important.

Interpersonal skills

Team buildings are commonly created to test how effective communication takes place in your team. Interpersonal skills have to be augmented so they can properly utilize their method in resolving every obstacle they might face. In addition, since the activities require them to interact, it triggers their ‘muted’ ability to articulate better and be more open about themselves than their usual business-minded self.


Every hardship always has challenges attached to it. Adaptability is one of the promising capacities of an individual to evolve alongside the repercussions of change and be able to influence it to other people. Rigid personalities must be molded into excellent team players. Team buildings are usually designed as a training ground to absorb and generate moral fibers applicable not just in your field of work but also to your everyday scheme.


Trust is a valuable and definitely a BIG word. It can’t be earned that easily; it has to be worked on over a long span of time. However, there are exceptions. One of the by-products of team buildings is gaining trust between the members of the team. It acts as the glue of a company to its consumers, a company to its team, and the people revolving under that same team. If a company lacks that trait to be a successful then you have an emergency that must be tended urgently - arrange for a team building right away.

Task distribution

Just like a human body, team buildings comprise of systems organized to have a high-functioning circulation of activities. Task distribution is usually assigned to leaders. They are the ones responsible of just delegation of tasks to his/her team members in line to their strengths to bear the challenge and their weaknesses to obstacles predetermined by the leader itself. Fair delegation of tasks also defines a distinct line of being who’s in charge and who’s to follow accordingly.

Mental Efficiency

Minds are magnificent machines. It is the source of powerful ideas and burning will-power of every booming business. Great minds catalyzed fueled aspirations to achieve what we desire in a short and measured amount of time. For you see, mental efficiency is sometimes overshadowed by the necessity and amid the steady stream of physical efficiency. It leads us to believe that a body in motion is the same as working out the faculties of our brain.

On a lighter note, team buildings are known to promote both physical and mental stamina through series of activities and games. These activities will help tone our brain muscles and eliminate the rusts generated by daily dose of stress.

If you feel like you’re team is being clamped down, gravitated by unknown forces. Make sure to apply all the objectives above in planning a wholesome team building. Having mentioned that, of course not all of us have the luxury of time to figure all this out. However, you can call event management’s own version of 911.

A team that undergo through these objectives in team buildings can now face problems like a piece of CAKE – in a Calm, Attentive, Knowledgeable and Engaging approach. (Queenie May Camu)

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