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Friday, February 17, 2017

Weeks ago, we saw in a newspaper ad a statement from a cancer hospital in China saying that the President did went to China but not at the hospital, as much as they wanted to see him. Then they introduced what the hospital is and what they do, then they pitched. To cap it off, they took the opportunity to greet everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.

That was weird, but it just worked well since they had the opportunity to share their side on things and to clarify the matter. It's like selling a product to everyone, and those who read their ad placement might have been put off. Here's the thing: they are pointing to an audience who needs treatment and can afford it. Nevertheless, they got their attention and interest, and they are expecting results from this.

Selling is not just about accomplishing things or getting results fast, it's more of making the most out of every opportunity. For this one, they took an out of the box approach, and that's great. Sales and Marketing do intertwine together, and this gets it. To that, we say "great timing."

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