How to deal with non-qualified buyers?

Monday, February 27, 2017

One of the problems sales people have is that they are not facing actual buyers. This is a less worse situation than having no buyers talking to you at all, but it still does not contribute to the sales quota. So what should we do? Here's a few tips:
  • Explain yourself. Maybe the customer is supposed to be directed at the right person but ended up to you - and in this case, it's your duty to help them be referred directly (this is called a warm referral, where you will introduce them to the right contact).
  • Dig deeper. Sometimes, your non-qualified buyer is actually a qualified buyer after all and they just don't know where to go to. This is perfect for salespeople of companies that offer more than one service.
  • Refer them to someone else. Not actually the best idea around, but you can mention them to the kinds of companies that will actually cater to them (it's OK not to state which for ethical reasons).
Don't worry if you received a non-qualified buyer - be polite still. Chances are they'll save you in their contacts list and when the time comes they'll get back to you and you'll finally close a deal! If you do appear to receive non-qualified buyers more than often, then there might be something else you might want to fix.

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