Signs that you speak and act too much of a sales person

Friday, February 24, 2017

It's stated that everyone has the innate power to sell almost anything - an idea, a product, or a service - and that anyone has to offer something to get something. This is how Sales works. Nowadays, people are more discerning with sales people who offer stuff to the customers. Take a look at these points to see if you're speaking and acting too much of a sales person:
  • The one you're talking to looks forced, as if he/she was forced to listen to you just to please you.
  • You start the session with you introducing the offer without asking what do they need.
  • You're talking too much about the product without the other end asking.
  • You're too optimistic that you'll get the deal right if you play by the book.
  • You speak too much that the receiving end can't catch up with you.
  • You're too pessimistic to actually let them know you're selling them something.
These are just some of the reasons that we can see with common salespeople, and there's more to it if we dig deeper. Remember, all it takes is keen observation - look before you speak, and that will help you close a deal better.

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