5 Harsh Realities Event Organizer in the Philippines Face

Friday, March 17, 2017

Whenever there is a gathering, a lot of my high school and college friends and colleagues approached me and give positive remarks about how lucky am I being in the event management industry.

For them, being an event organizer is one of the best jobs that a person can have. I agree with them. But there are always two sides of the coin.

Being an event organizer in the Philippines, there are harsh realities that you must face. Here are my top 5 harsh realities that we always face as an event organizer:

Demanding Clients

We live and die with the customer support. And yet sometimes, we, as an event organizer, feel like giving up because of our demanding customers and clients. They sometimes go out of reasons on their demands. Even if it is impossible, there are times our hands our tied, and the only course of action is to deliver their demands.

Demanding clients make even simple events stressful. But this is our reality we are in the service industry. It is the clients' right to be demanding. It is our duty to deliver. So the vicious cycle continues, although if the clients satisfied, they also go to the extreme of showing how thankful they are for your expertise as an event organizer.

Multitasking to the max

If you cannot and will not delegate and you want micro managing, then your life as an event organizer is challenging.

Often times, I see a lot of event organizers in the Philippines afraid to delegate and enjoy micro managing.

I am not one of them. For me this is a harsh reality that I consider a sickness that one must cure.

But until one do not face it squarely and solve it decisively, multi tasking will be and forever a harsh reality of an event organizer.

Sleepless Nights

As the event day becomes closer, you will find out that there are still a lot of things to be done. You begin to think what happened to the plans and timelines that you created to ensure a smooth implementation of the event?

Without a ready answer, you are resigned to your fate to have sleepless nights. Sleepless nights have dire consequences with your health and decision-making come actual event.

But for most of the event organizers, it is where the creative juice is coming out. The fight between being sleepy and alert is on. Most of the times, we win, but in some instances, we lost with grave effects.

Unprofessional Suppliers and Teammates

Event Organizers, Planners and Managers like you are passionate about what you do. But in some cases, you cannot get the same level of intensity to some of your suppliers and teammates.

Since you are the face of the project, and you directly report to the client, you are the one that is getting the flak for the errors and glitches.

It is one of the distressing moments in this world that we operate in. But it is a reality that we cannot escape or ignore in some moments of our working life.

Limited Budget

If it is for us, we will create a lasting impression and provide a memorable experience that our client will hold dear in their hearts.

But execution needs resources, and most of the times we are constricted to work on a very limited budget.

Yes, as an event organizer we are compelled to be creative. But creativity has its limits. We need the right budget to provide the quality expected of us. We need budget to pursue the event vision.

Alas, this is one of the accepted harsh realities that we have to deal every time. As the event organizers, we are always challenged to earn and execute with quality the events that fall in our lap.

In Summary

Being an Event Organizer is an exciting and fulfilling event management career. However, it is not all bed of roses. Part of the job description is facing and handling the numerous harsh realities that are part of being in the event management industry.

The harsh realities make what the event management industry in the Philippines is -  vibrant and dynamic.

The event management companies in the Philippines that know how to handle and manage these harsh realities will end up being the leader of the pack.

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