Sales Leadership Masterclass: Planning to change your team's work culture?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hello there, sales managers! Have you felt that your team is getting a bit slow lately? Have you seen their work environment? Have you looked into each individual and checked if they're happy with what they do? If the answers feel negative to you, it might be the ripe time to change your team's work culture.

Now, before you get excited to whip everything into shape, you need to consider:
  1. The dedicated resources available. Make sure there's budget for this, as changing a culture is not easy, definitely. Your higher-ups might need more convincing than ever to extend a hand to your plan, but you have to stress to them that this will be for the good of the whole company.
  2. The dedicated personnel who will help you to lead the change. Change comes from within, and with that, we mean it starts from you. The thing here is, one cannot influence his peers alone, so you will be needing dedicated personnel who have the influence to help everyone (yourself included) to make the change.
When all these two things are considered, it's time to do a plan on how things will happen, if it will start from the employees' environment or their own perspectives, etc. Remember that the point of changing the work culture is to change the atmosphere so that it can be easy for the staff to work there. Hope we help in changing your work culture!

International Sales Expert and Author Tom Abbott is sought by companies to help them build a work culture in their offices, to which Tom says they already have a work culture - it might be a good or a bad one though.

Learn more and be inspired to lead your team forward as Tom teaches you helpful tips and advice at the second Sales Leadership Masterclass this March 31, Friday at the Tower Club, Makati City. We really mean it when we tell you that there's only a few seats left for this, so don't miss the chance and call Ex-Link at (02) 633-0153 or 643-3887. You can also send us an SMS at +63 920 981 4376 or +63 920 924 2532; or through email at

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