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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Just three working weeks before his second Sales Leadership Masterclass this March, we'll be sharing snippets of Tom Abbott's knowledge and experience that helped sales teams be successful.

Today, we'll be sharing his love for acronyms. He has his way of making sales meetings productive - and that's through S.E.L.L. Sell? Does he sell sales meetings to make it productive? No, that's not what it means - let's take a look at the acronym further from our understanding:
  • Sharing - In a sales meeting, you share what has happened: The progress of the team and the individuals themselves. This is the "Why" of the meeting. What's the agenda? What's lacking? What's effective? Ask everyone to be assertive and say what they feel - and let them be open. By doing this, you are pulling off possible walls that may hinder everyone to share their feedback, helping them improve step by step.
  • Execution - As the "How" of the meeting, ask them how the team can utilize effective methods, how to solve problems affecting them, so on and so forth.
  • Listening - There are two kinds of people: Those who listen to react and those who listen to understand. Please do not be one of the former. Yes, you asked them to share their feelings but rebutting them right off the bat while they're not done speaking builds that big invisible wall of silence real quick. By listening to them, you are expected to understand their plight and share your insights as well once they're done talking. 
  • Learning - What has the team learned? What's the next step to do? What's the Action Plan? By asking what they have learned, you're helping them recap what to improve and what to execute after the meeting. (Then you can get back to them and check on the status).
Now that you know how to S.E.L.L. your way to a productive sales meeting for your team, we're looking forward to you applying these tips! Though if you do want to hear from Tom's perspective, then you got to attend the Sales Leadership Masterclass this March 31, Friday at the Tower Club Makati.

Call Ex-Link at (+63) 02 633-0153, 643-3887; SMS +63 920 981 4376 or email to reserve your seats fast, as there are a few slots left. Hurry up and don't miss this chance!

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