As an Event Management Professional, There is always a Choice

Friday, June 02, 2017

You can be mediocre. You can deliver more than expected.

You can be indifferent. You can choose to contribute and be valuable.

You can aim for the money and a short term relationship. You can show how good and important you are and gain a long partnership.

You can do underhanded tactics or play above-the-table. You can be disrespectful or choose the higher ground and show a character that a lot of people can emulate.

The event management industry is like the Star Wars Movie, you can go to the Dark Side or choose to stay, even if it is difficult, to be on the Light Side.

The force is in the middle it is up to you to tilt it to what direction you wanted to tilt it.

As an event management professional, there is always a choice.

The better choice is always to strive for  excellence even if it is difficult.

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