On Quality for Event Managers

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Delivery of quality is an aspect of event management that clients look for.

There are two levels of delivering quality. First, deliver quality by delivering the agreed scope of work that the clients wanted you to do. This is called the technical delivery of quality.

Second, we are in a business of relationship and the clients are humans too. This is the reason why deliver quality based on emotion.

How? Surprise the clients, do the extra mile, make a real connection and let the clients feel how involved and invested you are in the success of his event.

Most of the times, the first level of delivering quality is achieved. But clients do not make a repeat business after that. We scratch our head what happened. What have we overlooked to lose the business?

The answer resides in the second level. It is up to us to figure out and work harder to fulfill that second level of connection.

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