How to get past through the "ghost month?"

Monday, August 21, 2017

The ghost month this year is said to begin today, August 22, and will continue until September 19, where evil spirits from hell are released to the world (according to Chinese legend). By this time, you boss who believes in feng shui should be lying low on projects.

How about you? How's things are going on your end? Do you feel that this month's going to be awry? Here's one tip: Forget that there is a ghost month and just go hustle your way out. Do not let this dictate your targets. Though if you can't move on from this belief, it is recommended to target not just one audience, like how Warren Buffet puts his investments in "baskets."

Here's the thing: If you're in the Customer Experience industry, this should not stop you at all, since Customer Experience is round-the-clock, every day. Customers, regardless of whether they believe in this or not, will still be there, waiting to be introduced to the experience that you are offering. This should not stop you in approaching your target.

Business is half-theory, half-application; but overall, it's the effort that counts. In order to increase your chances of good luck, you need to increase your efforts. Hustle, friend, for the world will not stop for the so-called "ghost month."

While we're at it, the Customer Love Fest will happen at Tower Club Makati on October 19 to 20, featuring key personalities in the Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management and Customer Loyalty industries. 

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