Things you need to know about Customer Support NOW

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Customer Support has changed over time, with new innovations and technologies helping it evolve to what it is now. Here's just some of the things that we need to realize:
  1. Customers send their support tickets through social media. This is already happening, actually: We are already in a time where there's lots of support-related Twitter accounts from various brands. This allows your customers reply faster than calling the hotline and waiting in queue for long.
  2. Bots are helping to sort out the important tickets from the not-so-important ones. So, how can bots notify you, especially in places where data connections are not that stable? SMS. 
  3. Visual Demonstration is much, much better. In a world where almost everyone has short attention spans, words are not enough - they only pass through one ear and go to the other, or else. It's best to be brief, concise, and most of all, visual.
Above all else, Customer Experience should work like a bamboo: No matter how strong the wind is, it should not break; Whatever happens, it should suit the needs of your audience.

Special thanks to Talkdesk marketing lead Adam Bonefeste for the info.

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