Event Management in the Philippines: Career of the Future

Friday, November 17, 2017

The recent developments in the event management industry of the Philippines showed that Event Management is one of the careers in the future of this country.

From General to Niche

Several events are being divided into smaller and niche events. In the food industry, there are several big events that were narrowed and segmented to cater to a very particular audience.

One factor that is driving this trend towards niche is the explosion of knowledge and birth of different subgroups and sub associations.

This trend is not only true for the food industry, but also true for other industries as well.

From One Location to other Locations

From Metro Manila, other events branched out to other locations. Prominently, there are growths experienced in terms of number of events in Metro Davao and Metro Cebu.

Other less known provinces, but with economic capabilities are also a hub for events that were once only found in Metro Manila.

Expect to see more of these events finding their way to different provinces.

The Rise of Copycats and New Competitors

As event management becomes popular, and events become one of the focal points in the daily lives of the country, copycats and new competitors surface.

Take for example Toycon, the pioneer of toys and pop culture expo in the country. This event once ruled the landscape of our pop culture. However, as the years passed by, some contenders came our, one is Asia Pop Comicon. Next year, another player is throwing their hat in the arena of competition.

It will be an interesting scene, as Toycon tries to innovate and separate itself further from these competitors.

Event Management in the Philippines: The Career of the Future

Again, it is very obvious where the event management industry in the Philippines is heading: explosive growth.

With this realization, expect a high demand for event project managers who can integrate all suppliers. You can also see an increase in the numbers of event management companies coming to life. Another growth area is the increased opportunities for event freelancers, and increased number of freelancers.

The education side of this growth is already prepping up to meet the demands of those wanting to learn further. The Philippine MICE Academy – the first event management institution in the country comprised of resource speakers all event management professionals are sharing their secrets and best practices to all hopefuls.

In addition, the Philippine MICE Academy is also the first and legitimate institution to give an event management certification that is recognized by government institutions, private associations and international communities.

In summary, the future is so bright for those who wanted to enter the event management industry in the Philippines.

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