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Saturday, December 02, 2017

Customer Experience Management Conference 2018 in the Philippines is set this November 15-16, 2018, at Tower Club Makati.

The 7th Customer Lovefest – the pioneer and number one Customer Experience Management Conference in the Philippines continues to provide relevant knowledge and best practices in the areas of Loyalty and Rewards Program, Customer Retention, Customer Relations Management (CRM), Digital, and Customer Experience Management.

Deeper Understanding of Customer and their Experience Needs

Customer Lovefest - The Customer Experience ManagementConference 2018 in the Philippines will add to the deeper understanding of the Customer and their need for a better experience provided by the competing brands that wanted to win his attention and wallet.

Expect this 2018 that the thought leaders that will share the stage will further show how to create and design better customer experience to your customers and make them want your products and services repeatedly.

Loyalty and Rewards Program – Make the Customers Come Back 100x

The battle to retain your old customers and make them loyal rages on, as new players in the industry you operate try to copy and eat your market, the best strategy is still to maintain your hold on your old customers and make them loyal to you.

New Customer Acquisition is expensive, and it will become more expensive this 2018.

Having a Loyalty and Rewards Program, repeat and multiple transactions are assured.  There are cases that showed a 15% increase in sales if the Loyalty and Rewards Program hit the interests and needs of the customers.

Customer Relations Management – Insights on Your Data

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. (Margaret Rouse)

CRM is not technology, but culture.

The Loyalty and Rewards Program allow for data capture that if plugged directly to the CRM will show opportunities never before discovered and uncovered in the companies business operations.

Indeed, CRM as a culture will allow you to use your data more effectively and derive some insights from it that will contribute to your company’s strategic success.

Technological Disruption with a Heart

As the world experience disruption caused by technological upheavals we see successful disruptions as those that are able to provide better customer experience to the consumers.

This is why the seed of innovation aimed at disrupting a current business model or lifestyle will never be successful if it fails to better the customer experience of the users.

The technological disruptions that enhance the customer experience of the consumers are dependent on the overall strategy and culture of the organization. The heart of Customer Experience resides on the people that implements the strategy and practice the culture of the company.

Technological Innovation will be all for naught if the culture of the organization is flawed.

This is the reason that Customer Experience is highly dependent on the people that execute the strategies. Successful execution is only possible if the culture is strong and that culture is deeply part of the set of strategies that the company values.

Digital Mean Wired with a Meaning

Bill Gates said that if your business is not on the Internet, it is out of business. This shows how powerful the digital space has become.

We are now partly shaped by the Digital World. Some data even showed that most of our active hours are spent in the Digital Space.

The 23.5 years old, which is the average age of the Filipinos, are Digital Natives. They live and breathe in the digital world. More importantly, they are the huge market that all companies are focused on attracting and winning in order to make their business successful in the 21st Century.

Having known this, companies can now create digital touch points and take advantage of OmniChannels that will engage this huge market and secondary markets.

Branding and Marketing – The Greater the Fit, The Greater the Results

The new marketing is a combination of communication, innovation, CRM, Loyalty and Rewards Program, Digital and Customer Experience Management.

The fusion of all these elements contributes to a better brand and efficient and effective marketing for the current conditions.

Add to the mix Branding, then you will have a powerful machine that pull the consumers towards the products and services of the company.

Branding and Marketing create an irresistible spell to the consumers. Once consumer says yes, and goes inside your store, customer experience takes over and validates the value proposition promised by the company.

It is a boom or bust scenario only if the customer experience is flawed because there is no or lack of understanding on the customer journey map.

More than a Conference, It is an Engagement, a Meeting of Minds

The 7th Customer Lovefest - the first CustomerExperience Management Conference in the Philippines is not only a conference where attendees seat and listen the whole day to speakers and thought leaders.

It is a conference that respects the expertise of the attendees and put premium in engagement.

Having said this, in the 7th Customer Lovefest are Engagement Programs like the Quicknet – where delegates get to experience speed networking to get the chance to know most of their co-delegates, Long Table Discussion – where the delegates become part of the panel where they can share their experience and ask speakers in a panel set-up; Workshops – where pressing questions of the industry are answered by delegates, and lastly, Brain Date – where we pair delegates in different industries to exchange ideas on their current challenges in Loyalty and Rewards Program and Customer Experience Management.

The event is produced and organized by Exlinkevents, one of the leading business events organizer and manager in the Philippines. For more information, visit or call Tel. Nos. 633-0153, 643-3887 or email

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