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Friday, December 01, 2017

The year 2017 is about to end and 2018 is lurking around the corner. The question now is what are the event management trends that we have to expect this coming 2018 in the Philippines.

Here are the event management trends to watch in the Philippines in 2018:

The number of Filipinos using Facebook has increased tremendously.  We have a 105 Million population and 60 Million Internet users (WeareSocial), with a penetration rate of 60%.

In fact, we are hailed as the Facebook capital of the world and number one social media user in South East Asia.

The implication to the event management industry in the Philippines is big, Facebook can aid events in generating targeted audience to visit the events that are being produced and engaged this audience in the Pre-Event, Actual Events and Post Event Phase.

2.    The Rise of Unconference

Recently, the first Unconference in the Marketing Industry was held. The Game of Marketing Conference organized by the Philippine Marketing Association is a huge success, mainly because the delegates are raving about their experience in the Unconference.

It is along this line that we expect more Unconference to take place next year because delegates wanted more engagement on conferences.

UnConference is similar to the Open Space Technology (OST) where the conference delegates are given the power to decide what topics they would love to discuss. 

3.    App World

The mobile first movement is becoming a commonplace. More and more smartphones are changing the behavior of Filipinos; they are becoming dependent on this one gadget. In fact, this dependency is brought about by the lower cost of acquiring smartphones making it accessible.

There are 129.4 Million mobile phone subscriptions in the Philippines; 54 Million is active mobile social users.

These numbers are great indicators of how event management companies in the Philippines can use apps to attract more audience for their events.

According to an article in the Huffington Post and We Are Social research Philippines is a Digital Lifestyle Capital in the making.

There is a big opportunity here for event management companies to take advantage.

4.    Safety and Security Becomes Paramount

The Close-up and Resorts World Incidents are signposts that event management companies in the Philippines must place a premium to their events safety and security protocols to safeguard their visitors and guests.

The local governments of different event venues have added new safety and security requirements that event management companies in the Philippines must submit before they are allowed to implement their events.

These event management companies in the Philippines must also create additional trainings and protocols – a redundancy in order to leave no stones unturned.

5.    Video Promotion

Video content is becoming the most preferred promotion tools from brands. The result of this type of promotion is very obvious engagement is high and results are favorable.

Event management companies in the Philippines must copy this type of promotion; it will help tremendously to the success of the events they are organizing.

The findings of the annual Kantar TNS Connected Life study show that video content is key to connecting with Filipinos, who are some of the heaviest consumers of TV in the world, watching an average of three hours of traditional TV a day. (Kantar TNS) 

The study showed that 90% of connected consumers in the country watch television – a figure that is second only to Indonesia (94%) and far ahead of western markets such as the UK (73%) or the US (70%). Filipinos are clearly avid TV content fans. (Kantar TNS) 

6.    Collaboration

Collaboration will be needed in order to launch or stage a successful event. Even if this is an old school thinking, it becomes more important this 2018, as competition becomes stiffer, you need more partners and collaborators to secure success and counter the risks of producing an event.

7.    The Breakout of VR Events

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg uses the VR camera in one of the conferences, we all agreed that was cool.

Slowly VR events are making headway into the mainstream of events. This 2018 expect VR events to make a big splash in the Philippines.

The event visitors expect heightened experience and engagement, using VR as a tool can answer this need.

8. Fragmentation of Major Events

In the exhibition and conference industries, fragmentation is becoming more this 2018. This will make it even harder to secure sponsorships, paving the way for premium pricing in most of the event that will be produced.

A case in point is the marketing communications industry that now has four major events produced by different associations competing in the same sponsors.

9.    Chatbots are in the House

The race to create chatbots happened this year, it will spill over this 2018 and it will change the way event management companies in the Philippines deal with clients, customers and visitors – for the better.

It is part of the social customer experience management. We will become accustomed to chatbots answering our needs and answering it precisely.

10.  Sustainability

The event management companies all over the world and in the Philippines are under fire for the excesses that they leave once the events the created are finished.

The customers and clients are now demanding the event management companies to be more responsible and ensure that they adhere to some sustainability principles.

The more an event management company shows sustainability as part of their culture, the more new businesses are awarded to the company.

The event management companies in the Philippines cannot ignore Global Warming and Mother Earth; it becomes imperative that these companies must include Sustainability as part of their strategies.

In summary, there are other trends to watch in 2018 but these are the main trends that will change the way event management companies in the Philippines do their business.

Let us observe and adapt to these trends as they unfold and affect the success of our businesses this 2018.

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