HSMA Great Room Sale: Hotels’ Welcoming and Comforting Experiences

Monday, May 07, 2018

From accommodations to facilities and activities, hotel experiences are what make it more fun and memorable for the guests.

Whether it is a vacation or a business trip, hotel amenities make life a little easier when you’re away from home. Here are the top choices for a great experience during your hotel stay:

1. Cleanliness

Whether it is a luxurious hotel or a budget Inn, a clean room to stay gives you comfort and adds relaxation.

2. Attentive Personnel

Properties who assigned a qualified agent who is able to effectively and efficiently answer a guest’s questions and concerns, is a plus to the service.

3. Internet

In a time where internet connection is a necessity as much as food, water and clothing, it is great to be able to update on social media and do emails during your stay. Free internet access is even better!

4. 24/7 Food Service

A hotel with 24/7 food service helps out a guest by providing the convenience of being able to eat good food anytime.

5. Charging Station

Phones, laptops and other media devices all need to be charged. Enough charging stations to simultaneously charge multiple devices are ready to go when needed.

6. Complimentary Toiletries

Hotels’ provided toiletries in each hotel room are fantastic. It is convenient for the guests to not worry about bringing toiletries of their own anymore.

7. Control Over Room Temperature

Having to sweat out on a hot day can make a memorable vacation go wrong. Good thing is that rooms have the adapting temperature to your preferences.

8. Transportation Service

Not knowing the way around a new city is stressful. No worries! A reliable transportation service is available. It is a big help to take a guest exactly where they need to go, exactly when they need to be there.

9. Recreational Activities

Families on vacation and travellers look for activities where they can bond and enjoy more of their stay in the hotel. Such as swimming pools, spa and a fitness center is an addition to spend some fun and relaxation.

10. Check In/ Check Out

No matter how much hotels are innovative, they stay focused on certain elements of a check-in/check-out process that really affect a guest stay.

  • Guests know what to do or where to go when they enter the hotel or visit the lobby.
  • Guests have immediate access to a source that handles their check-in/check-out and any billing issues promptly.

Every single time, hotels offer various experiences to the guests making them want to come back and book again for their next planned rendezvous.

Make your hotel stay more convenient with HSMA’s Great Room Sale this May 30 – 31, 2018 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati. Enjoy Special Discounts on Hotel Accommodations!

For more information, call us at (+63 2) 633 - 0153/ 535-1150/ 643 - 3887 or SMS +63 920 981 4376/ +63 920 924 2532. You may also email us at info@exlinkevents.com. (RJLT)

Photo by Felipe P. Lima Rizo on Unsplash

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