HSMA Great Room Sale: Hotel Staff’s Appeal to the Guests

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Hotel staffs are the appearance of the property itself. They’re performance form the attitude of the guests to the hotel.

The ability to handle stress, punctuality, knowledge of foreign languages, and attention to details is a plus to the service they can offer. Here are the staffs you often see in the hotel who can make your stay more convenient:

1. Front Desk Staff

These employees man the reception area which is the first-place guests go when they arrive at a hotel. They make reservations, cancel reservations, check in guests, check guests out and keep the front desk area lobby clean and presentable. Don’t worry to ask questions because they are ready to answer and give you clear directions.

2. Security

They oversee the safety and security of the hotel and guests. Good thing is that they are able to problem solve and troubleshoot in order to resolve guests and the property’s issues.

3. Porters

They are also known as “bellhops” dressed in uniform and ready to help out guests with their luggage. They also make sure if the room is acceptable to the guests. He or she is also knowledgeable of all the hotel has to offer that you can freely ask him/her questions about other services.

4. Housekeeping Staff

Hotel rooms are meticulously cleaned and sanitized thanks to these people. They ensure that the hotel is clean, the rooms and guests will return.

5. Maintenance Staff

Their knowledge ability and troubleshooting with skills in equipment and tool usage maintains the overall appearance and working order in the hotel. They are reliable employees to depend on and can help you with issues regarding the facility.

Hotel staff make your stay even more comforting and relaxing knowing that they are ready to help.

Experience the hotel lifestyle with the help of HSMA’s Great Room Sale This May 30 – 31, 2018. See you at the Glorietta 3 Activity Center in Makati City.

For more information, you can email us at info@exlinkevents.com. You can also call us at (+63 2) 633 -0513/ 535 – 1150/ 643 – 3887 or SMS (+63) 920 981 4376/ (+63) 920 924 2532. (RJLT)

Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash

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