Success Institute Registered Marketing Professional Review Center Goes to Universidad De Sta. Isabel, Naga City

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Registered Marketing Professional Review Center

Success Institute Registered Marketing Professional ReviewCenter recently conducted a review class with the marketing management students of the Universidad De Sta. Isabel, Naga City, Bicol Province.

Registered Marketing Professional (RMP)

The Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) is a certification for upcoming graduates and fresh graduates of marketing courses.

The aim of taking the RMP exam is to audit the competency of the students and graduates on their grasp on the marketing concepts and its application of on real business situations.

Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) is a certification is under the management of Junior Achievement Worldwide - a non-government organization spreading entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy all over the world.

Registered Marketing Professional Review Center

Benefits of Being a Registered Marketing Professional (RMP)

Students that passed the exam and become a RegisteredMarketing Professionals gain the following benefits:

·      International Standards – RMP signifies that the students knowledge and skills is at par with the International Standards expected of a marketing graduate;

·      Proof Competency – RMP is a seal that proves that the marketing student-graduate is competent and ready to perform marketing tasks and responsibilities;

·      Overflowing Confidence – Passing the RMP exam and having the RMP as part of your identity gives you overflowing confidence to compete with other marketing professionals. It becomes an edge to which your confidence is rooted. The awareness that you are competent is a confidence booster evident to all Registered Marketing Professionals (RMP).

Registered Business Professional (RBP)

Besides Registered Marketing Professional Review Sessions, Universidad De Sta. Isabel engaged Success Institute Review Center to conduct a Registered Business Professional Review Sessions.

Certifications are becoming one of the key differentiations of graduates who wanted to compete and be on top of their profession. This is not only true in the Philippines. In fact, this is an International Trend that all graduating students and fresh graduates must have in order to jumpstart their career in the right direction.

Success Institute Registered Marketing and Business Professional ReviewCenter

For inquiries on the upcoming review sessions for Registered Marketing Professional and Registered Business Professional, call tel. no. 633-0153 or visit to message and book your review sessions.

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