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Thursday, February 07, 2019

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Event Planners are in demand. They make the life of the associations and corporations easy.

Event Planners are not an expense. A failed event is.

For those wanting to jump the event management industry as event planners, here are some guidelines that you can use to deliver a successful event to your clients.

1.   OKR – Objectives and Key Results

John Doerr in his book Measure What Matters popularized OKR. A tool used by Google, Intel and Bono of U2.

It is simple yet powerful.

If you are an event planner make sure you know the objectives and key results of the clients.

In the objectives, make sure you know the primary and secondary objectives. This will help you achieve the minimum and maximum expectations of the clients.

Key Results is the numerical expression of the objectives. It will tell you if you have achieved the objectives.

It follows Peter Drucker’s dictum, “What cannot be measured, cannot be achieved.”


Objective: Establish Event Y as the leading event of the industry.

Key Result 1: Achieve 15,000 visitors in three days,

Key Result 2: Achieve 200 exhibitors and sponsors,

Key Result 3: Get 20 Media Partners

As you can observe, the client wanted to attract 15,000 visitors in three days. This is the first key result that the client wanted to achieve. This becomes the primary objective.

2.   Assemble a Winning Team

As an event planner, you must assemble a winning team. A person that will become part of the team must be placed according to their core competence.

One big factor when you are deciding who becomes part of your team is their attitude. Are they self-starters and need less supervision? Can they think on their feet alone?

In other words, are they leaders?

Forming a team of leaders is the key to creating a winning events team.

3.   Create a Timeline

A timeline you created as an event planner and approved by the client sets the motion of accomplishment.

In the timeline, important schedules and accomplishments are highlighted. The point persons are shown.

A clear and simple timeline allows faster implementation of tasks.

4.   Create a Differentiated Event

As an event planner, you are tasked to help the clients and associations to create a differentiated event.

A differentiated event is an event that stands-out with other events. It offers a fresh presentation of past events. It communicates value to its target market.

If your target market is excited about your event whether it is an expo, conference, corporate event or trade event, you have done your job as an event planner.

5.   Create a Realistic Budget

OKR achievement is dependent on a realistic budget. The budget ensures the plan becomes alive.

Oftentimes, event planners are guilty of pleasing the clients even if the budget provided to them will not allow the achievement of even one key result.

Seasoned event planners know that the budget is critical to the success of the event. At the start of the engagement, experienced event planners have already established the deliverables of a particular budget.

If the budget is right, they can achieve what is promised. If the budget is not sufficient, they calibrate the key result; and inform the clients with candor what is doable.

Lastly, Event planners need to earn. We do not do events and help the clients because we feel doing it. We do it because it is our livelihood.

6.   Create Coordination and Post Evaluation Meetings

Communication is the key to a good event planner and client relationship.

As an event planner, ensure that every step of the way, there is always coordination meetings and post evaluation meetings.

These meetings are venues of communications to thresh out differences, misunderstandings, insights and improvements.

These meetings create bonds between event planners and clients.

In Summary

There are other things that we can add to these guidelines. Still, if event planners focus and give special attention to these six guidelines, it is a guarantee that the event planners will be successful.

Having said this, do you agree? Do you have any guidelines that you would like to add? Feel free to let us know.

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