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Thursday, January 31, 2019

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Earlier, I received a phone call from one of our partners, asking for our services. He wants us to handle the conference management of a client.

At first, the client is hesitant to acquire our services. But after explaining to her the benefits of outsourcing conference management, she is now a happy convert – and relaxed at the end of our conversation.

Why the sudden change of attitude?

If you are not a conference organizer, and faced with the task to organize one for the first time in your life, you will be overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed is not good a sign.

What is at stake with your conference is your association and it’s reputation.

For some associations or organizations, it is more than protecting their reputation - it is survival.

Some associations get their one-year operational budget through the earnings of their one big annual conference. Because of this, they cannot risk having a red bottom line.

It will spell doom for them.

Why It’s Best to Have A Conference Manager

If you lack the expertise to manage a conference, you need a conference manager. Here are the reasons why:


You can tap to the vast and deep knowledge that a conference manager has. No need for major experimentation where the consequences are far greater than you can perceive.

Conference managers with more than five years of experience can help you navigate the dangerous path that awaits your conference.

Conference managers are like captains of ships; they will help you avoid the storms and perilous waters.

This is the power of an experienced conference manager.


Competence builds confidence.

If you tap the services of an expert conference manager, you will have the confidence that your conference will be implemented near or above the level of your expectations.

Because you know that they have the capacity. Their capabilities gave you the assurance that your expectations will be met.

Best of all, you will have the certainty that all Critical Success Areas will be fulfilled, and that the vision your association or group set will come to life.

Cost Effective and Cost Efficient

When you buy a secondhand car, and experienced the hassle of having to bring it to an automotive shop every week, you will have the realization that you are a victim of “false economy”.

False economy is the notion that initially you have save a big sum of money on your purchase decision, but later realized, in the long run it is costing you more than you have saved.

The same holds true when you tried to save by attempting to take the role of a conference manager. You thought you are helping your association, but later realize that this decision is tedious and costly on your part, and your association as well.

If you outsource your conference manager, and award it to the right person or company, you have made the right and economical decision.

Conference manager will lower your cost because of their bargaining power with their suppliers.

They will help you avoid costly mistakes because they will guide you and veer you away from unwise decisions you may commit due to your limited experience in running a conference.

Even associations that are running their annual conferences and event for a very long time still tap the expertise of a conference manager.

You wanted to know why?

The answer is wise associations do it to have some leverage.

Creating and implementing a conference is a very risky proposition. If you are given a tool to lessen the risks, will you not lessen the uncertainties?

Conference Manager does it to your conference.

So the next time that you are planning a conference, never hesitate to call a seasoned conference manager, conference organizer or conference event management company.

They are there to serve an important purpose, and help you hack your way to success.

If you are lucky, you will have what you want without sweating it out.

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