Discover Your Genius in the Time of Covid19

Monday, March 30, 2020

Difficulty is what wakes up the genius. Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Are you having difficulty in our current situation? If yes, don't feel you are alone. Almost all of us are feeling the strain and pain of being abruptly stopped in our daily routines.

Our new lifestyle is a stranger to all of us. This stranger is also responsible for the loss of our income. Aggravating what is already a hard situation.

The good thing is this difficulty will lead you to new opportunities and alternatives that will become an additional livelihood or tool once the pandemic is over.

It will awaken the sleeping giant. You are that giant that is keeping a lot of talents and gifts not yet harnessed.

Dry your tears away. Kill that worry and fear. Dive deep into your hearts and minds. Discover the genius in you.

You have been and always is a powerful force of nature.

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