Your Circle of Concern in the Time of Covid19

Sunday, March 29, 2020

The more we value things outside our control, the less control we have - Epictetus

In the book of Stephen Covey " 7 Habits of Effective People" he mentioned about the Circle of Concerns and the Circle of Influence. His main advice is to work on your Circle of Influence - these are things that you have direct control and can make a change or impact when you make a decision.

Oftentimes, we work on our Circle of Concern, a circle that is bigger than us and where we have no control. This can lead to frustrations and hopelessness.

Avoid this predicament. Work only on your Circle of Influence. In the light of what is going around us, your Circle of Influence, first and foremost, is the protection and sustenance of your family.

If you have more resources, you can make a positive impact on your nearby community.

The point is to use your energy to where you have power over the outcome. Don't waste it on things that are above.

Be impactful.

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