Event Management in the Time of Covid19

Monday, March 23, 2020

Event Management Philippines Covid19

So Covid19 happened.
An international pandemic engulfing every nation with fear. This means no mass gathering. For event management companies like us, it means no business.
In the Philippines, the government declared a lockdown for almost 30 days. A one week of no event or no activities is an eternity. How much more is that longer period.
As an event organizer, this is beyond our control. Let us focus on what we can control. Here are things we can do.
  1. Engaging Our Clients and Partners
This is the time that we must engage more with our clients and partners. Engagement focused on showing that we care. Definitely, their businesses are also taking a hit because of the lockdown.
Communicate with your clients and partners. Know how they are doing in this time of crisis. Let them know you are praying for them and their families.
This is the time that you cannot sell or ask for their business
2. Engaging and Keeping Updated with Your Associations
If you are part of different associations, the best thing to do is to share information and knowledge. What are they doing in this difficult time? Listening to their opinions can give you great insights into what to do with your business.
Your associations comprised of a lot of thought leaders, businessmen, and experts. This is a very important resource for your survival.
Right now, two of the best platforms for sharing information are Viber and FB Messenger. If you are added in very productive groups don’t leave. Maximize the gift of information that these groups provide.
If you are one of the leaders of your associations, show your leadership by providing morale-boosting actions. One of the best ways is to create an official statement that the government must know and act on how to help your association’s industries.

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