Why Hard Sell is a Marketing Contradiction in the Time of Covid19

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Event Management Philippines Covid19

“Hard sell marketing is a contradiction.” - Philip Kotler If you know what your market or the people is feeling now? If you know their concerns and fears? You do not need to hard sell. Marketing is about knowing the needs, wants and expectations of your market. In the current situation, what are those needs, wants or expectations? Is it ramming through their throats your products and services? That is so wrong. You are making a big mistake and a great disservice to your market. Don't be the vulture that hovers around dying people. Marketing is about understanding your customers, and right now they don't need to be sold. They need a helping hand. Give your hand. I know you are also hurting from the current pandemic. But when you go to your core values. The deeper reason why you started a business, you will feel be illuminated. You right it is not about making a profit at this time. It is about being human. It is about eliminating the dreaded C (Covid) and changing it to a better C (Care).

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