General Membership Meetings in the New Normal

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Meetings are now allowed at MGCQ Areas, but for those who are still not at MGCQ Areas, holding a General Membership Meeting will be a huge challenge. Organizers will be facing the task of implementing physical distancing guidelines and to an extent restrict attendees to 10 percent of the venue at most.
The better way to do this is to go online. Aside from removing the restrictions on venue capacity, turning over to online events platforms allow businesses and agencies to expand their reach.

Online events are well-attended given that everyone is asked to stay home to stay safe. Members can attend online events wherever they are provide that they have a stable internet connection.

For organizations, setting up online events via group meeting applications allow more interaction among users, just like in physical events. You get to hang out with your fellows and at the same get in touch with what happens within your organization.

Online Events Management is a way to hold any kind of meeting in the new normal. Regardless if it's a single meeting of 10 or a conference of 100, events organizers like Ex-Link Events has pivoted the experience online.

Having served government agencies and private companies, Ex-Link Events brings its 20 years of expertise to the New Normal, crossing over physical events to the online platform.

For your online events management needs, count on our experience to fit your needs. Get in touch with us now!

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