More Online Events this 2021

Saturday, January 02, 2021

Despite the problematic internet connection, last year the online events like corporate meetings, exhibitions, conferences, webinars, and other business events continued.

Professional organizers were able to pivot and learn faster to offer event management services to their clients in need of implementing their planned events despite the pandemic.

Alongside this learning is the re-education of Generation X and Baby Boomers, which comprised a huge number of workforce in the Philippines, on how to work and conduct business online.

Last year, according to We Are Social there are 73 Million Internet Users in a country of 110 Million population as of January 2020. While in a 2019 Social Weather Station (SWS) survey revealed that 45% of Filipino adults use the internet.

Indeed, based on my experience last year, clients that are not accustomed and even shunned using the internet and online tools for business transactions are forced and are now technologically savvy.

Expect that this year online events will become prevalent.

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