The Race to Realizing Our Potential

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have a young team that youthfullness is what we can boast as our strength! Youth being the same as energy and passion.

Being in the event industry, it is a plus factor. However, the challenge is how to realize the potential of the team. The potential is there but to harness it and convert it to results that is the journey that we all have to take. Together we need to discover ourselves.

Our organization's culture and values are very much the heart of our edge in the competition. We do business for our country. We do business to grow this country to one of the most admired nation in the world, particularly in the business events category.

But first and foremost, youthfullness must be blended with maturity, to which we are now focusing our efforts alongside maintaining our service with our esteemed clients.

I don't know if I sound Greek. I hope that I am no over generalizing so as to make this discussion go to a plain that is perched in the philosophical. I don't want that! What I want is how to convert the fire in the eyes of our young group to a productive force that will serve our clients and achieve our vision.

Our vision is to be one of the best Business Event Organizer in Asia not to feel our egos but to generate business in our country and make the outsider consider the Philippines as one of their business destination.

There are others like us, but for now I am concern about our group. Hopefully as I write, all of the members of my organization is on the same page.

No matter what, right now we will meet head on what is in front of us!

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