The 3P's of Butch Jimenez

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I had a privilege to listen to the father and son tandem of Mr. Menardo Jimenez and Butch Jimenez. Both are achievers and Filipino leaders in their own right. The opportunity to listen to them is like finding money while you are meandering to a street – it’s a treasure that I will cherish.

Now, I would like to share Butch Jimenez 3P’s in being a leader to a group that moves and grow-up.


He mentioned that balloons need helium but state that low helium will not make balloons fly. While too much helium will make balloons explode. Therefore, the challenge is finding the balance, the right mix of helium to make the balloons fly.

This is how he compares pressure that we as leader apply to people to make them move. He said that there are two pressures, the negative and positive. The key is to apply positive pressure to make our people move in the direction that we like.


Passion, his second P, is what makes people grow-up and fly high. He said that he would rather work with people that have passion than work with skilled people that have no passion.

Passion can be develop within the team if the leader shows by example how passionate he/she is to the work.

He said that passion determines the winner between two teams that have the same skill sets.


The most important P among the Ps of Butch Jimenez is purpose. There must be a deeper reason why a person is doing something and achieving it. In the research he mentioned it is not money but the feeling of being significant. SIGNIFICANCE therefore is very important and it is derived by the purpose that a leader spells out to his team.

He examples his drive to make DSL a staple in the whole country, at first; he cannot derive any meaning to what he is dong other than selling DSL to the country. But alas, after reading a book about the great Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, his purpose in selling DSL got deeper. He learned from Lee Kuan Yew that DSL or Internet for that matter is important in bringing education and growth to the country.

In fact, as he hammered out, for Singapore it is very critical that each and every family owns an internet connection for Singapore to be able to compete with the world.

This is what drove Butch Jimenez to promote and push DSL in the country. A deeper purpose for what he is doing.

This is what leaders must spell-out clearly their respective teams, the purpose deeper than what the eyes can see.

The purpose must be linked and beneficial to the society and the country.

I love being part of the audience last night. I enjoyed the father and son tandem talking and sharing their success secrets.Of course, I enjoyed the food and the music. The organizers are very good in creating a seamless event.

I believe that these 3Ps would be beneficial to all MICE operators in facing the challenges of the world.
In the face of stiff competition, we MICE players must have put positive pressure to our people, be passionate on what we do and have a purpose that touch the growth of our society and country.

If this 3 ingredients interplay well in our practice, I see that a great Philippines is just around the corner.

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