Catching-up the Hyper Speed Future

Friday, June 18, 2010

Take look into the future, a look into the past
Can you realize that we are goin' fast
I feel yesterday was just a second away
But as the seconds flow memories disarray

Our way leads to nowhere, time is a mystery
Our plan is to find it, we're goin' hyperspeed
Our life leads to somewhere, it seems a memory
As we speed to find it we loose the entity

- By Lyrics from Hyperspeed Hallucination by Prodigy

Today says a lot of something to what is in store for us in the future. Today always seems already gone the moment you open your eyes in the morning. It seems Today is on a rush to leave the parking lot immediately even before the sun sets in.

This moment is so commonplace in all aspects of our life right now. So having stated the obvious what now?

My answer is that we need to ADJUST ourselves to this reality - CONSCIOUS ADJUSTMENT. Sounds easy, but actually it is like stopping a rushing wave without anything to hold on to. Running head-on smack to the hyper speeding waves of reality will destroy us. It will drown us and make us numb – makes us unable to differentiate what is real and not real.

Good thing that there is an event that will delve on Hyper Speed and how we can harness and tame this bull from the horn.

In particular, I am talking about taming and generating power in Hyper Speed in the field of Marketing.

Yes! June is National Marketing Conference (NMC) month of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) and they have prepared a diverse topics and speakers that will examine the fuzzy Global Market and White Spaces left in the market place where we can triumph and harness the power of hyper speed.

This is a challenging task but with the deep experience of PMA in conducting breakthrough conference for the marketing industry the attendees will surely go home satisfied and illuminated at the end of the two-day conference.

Samples of the topics are: Trapping the Elusive Generation Y Market to Expand and Grow, Laying Bare the Customer Mindset – Loyalty or Fidelity?, Reinventing Physical Space as a Hyper growth Strategy and the Future of Marketing Communication.

These are just few of the futuristic topics in store for all of those attending this prestigious annual event.

By the way, the event is slated next week June 24-25 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza. The fees are very affordable for PMA Members it is P10,000.00 and for Non PMA members it is P12,000.00, for onsite registrants it is P15,000.00.

Also, EXLINK Management and Marketing Conference can accept your registration. Just call tel # 643-3887 or 640-1280.

I like to sum the experience that is about to take place in this NMC, it is like reading Alvin Toffler’s Powershift for the first time and basking on different game-changing concepts that is unto your lap for the taking.

Yes, there is this seriousness of topics but don’t be fooled and don’t be afraid, PMA is known for tackling these topics to a very simple yet enjoyable journey.

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