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Monday, July 16, 2012

By Helen Raptoplous
As an entrepreneur you are probably always on the look out for productivity tips. Our days goes by fast and we have complete control to be productive or to just go for a run on the hamster wheel. It may not always feel like you have a choice, but you can set out to take back as much control as you need to to make each day a great day that continues to move your business forward. Here are 7 productivity tips:
1. Start your day knowing what the most important things are that need to be accomplished: Only about 30% of people set a daily schedule. And of those 30% only 7% actually follow that plan. If you want to be effective you need to be able to not only plan but to follow your plan. Start each day knowing exactly what tasks you must complete. Know your priorities and stick with them.
2. Don't set unrealistic expectations: If you start your day with a long tasks list and over commit yourself you will find you are always going two or even three steps back before moving forward. Set 4 bite size goals each day and do those before you do anything else. It is better to do more then you planned instead of missing your targets.
3. Chunk down your projects to no more then 90 minute time blocks: The bite size pieces that I am talking about need to take less then 90 minutes each. If it is a bigger project then you need to break it down to small time blocks. 30-90 minutes per task for your top 4 priorities is perfect. This will allow you to make great progress each day before your lunch break.
4. Set up accountability for yourself: If you find it difficult to do a few particular tasks and find you always seem to run out of time (which really means you did not make time), then an accountability partner can really help you. Call a friend or colleague and tell them what you will have done by the end of the day and then follow up with them to let them know how you did. (you can just as easily do this by email as well)
5. Don't start a new project until you complete the first priority (or time block): When you start your day and have 4 priority tasks outlined you must stay focused and disciplined to stick with that list and complete each item before you take on any other projects. There is always something to do and many distractions will try to sway you from your plan. Stay strong and make each of those 4 activities off your list before you do anything else!!
6. Don't do any unplanned activity your priority list is complete: You may be in the middle of a project when you remember that you promised to call someone or you realize you didn't update your blog yesterday. Take note of these unplanned activities and you can get to them after you complete your most pressing tasks for the day. Turn off your ringer and alerts when you are engaged in a priority activity to maintain your focus.
7. Set one day a week where you don't take appointments or see clients, work on your business not in it: One last idea is to set aside a minimum of 1 day a week when you don't take calls or work with clients. This is a work day, not a weekend. Take this day to organize your goals and your schedule. Fit new ideas and innovation into your business. Catch up on your administrative work so that on your high priority days you are not overwhelmed with the tiny details that keep your business moving forward.
Until you are happy with your level of productivity you'll want to experiment with the productivity tips that work best for you. Customize your schedule so that you can feel like you are moving your business forward each and every day. Start today, what are the 4 most important business activities that you can do to ensure that by the end of the day, regardless of what else happens you can feel as if you have had a highly productive day?

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