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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our company outing must always be special. This is our company philosophy of how we take care of our people. But this year's summer outing is different. First, it is only this July we have managed to squeeze-in our company outing. Second, we are expecting the worst because the news about low pressure areas coming in Luzon and rains pouring in Metro Manila is something that can dampen your spirit of having an enjoyable outing.

But yes, we manage to have our two day company outing. We went to Anawangin Cove, San Antonio Zambales. The trip took us about 4 hours. But the sight is worth the trip and the outing is one of our best!

The view of Anawangin Cove when you are at Pundaquit Mountain

The view on when you are on top of Pundaquit Mountain

Our Tents for the night

Indeed, even though Anawangin Cove is now an open secret you will still be amazed by the beauty that this cove offer. For someone who is accustomed to the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila, Anawangin Cove offers a respite for tired and weary souls.

Our boat 

The Welcoming View of Anawangin

We stayed there overnight. At night, we were treated like a Survivor Series participants as lightning and thunder visited the cove. Luckily, this did not last long and darkness slowly covered the cove ( there is no electricity here which is great).

Pine Trees in front of the shoreline - magical!

My Exlinkevents Family

Eat, Sleep, Swim, Play, Eat, Sleep, Swim and Play for one and a half day this is all we do. In this kind of activities you get to notice that time move slowly like the waves that act like a hand massaging your soul.
More so, the set-up acted like a glue that makes our relationship with our group and with nature closer and stronger.

I wish that Anawangin Cove remains the same so that other may enjoy the serenity that we experienced.

Truly, I can declare that at Anawangin Cove time stood still. 

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