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Monday, July 16, 2012

Our second day in San Antonio, Zambales is a plan trip to visit Capones Island before we head back to Metro Manila.

After a very fun filled overnight stay at Anawangin Cove I doubt if Capones Island can offer something different.

Our able tour guides headed by Veron

But my doubts are erased as we are welcome by the Island’s powdery white sand and cool crystal clear water.

Upon seeing the water, our group immediately changed to our swimming attire to enjoy this gift that Capones Island offers to its unsuspecting visitors.

I love the water and the Island is a good place for snorkeling. I saw a Thai and American doing just that snorkeling and basking at the sun and water of the island.

They say Capones Island is a great beginners surfing spot but sadly there are no big waves when we are there. We just stayed there to enjoy the water and the peaceful surroundings for an hour.

Yes, our stay at Capones Island is short but memorable. Going into the deep waters of the island and seeing what is underneath it under very friendly rays of the sun is pure heaven.

Let me repeat my last words… Pure Heaven!


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