3 Rules in Telemarketing Conversation

Monday, January 21, 2013

There are rules to make your job as telemarketers easier. Here are 3 Rules to remember to make it more fun and, yes, easier!

1.    Know Who Your Calling

If you know who you are calling, like if he is a manager, you will understand that a telephone conversation with him/her must be precise and will not waste his time. In addition, if he allows an extended conversation you can dwell on his interests – people love talking about their interests. Allowing him to extend the conversation in his areas of interest allows you to establish an initial trust with the person.

2.    Schedule the Call

People hate telemarketers that gate crash. Since we have emails and mobile phones, we can use this tool to schedule a telemarketing conversation that he will feel comfortable talking and answering you in the phone.
If telemarketers do this the term cold calling is gone since there is an initial awareness by the one receiving the call that the telemarketer will call and, best of all, he is expecting it.

3.    Inform the client how long will the conversation last

Time is of the essence to everybody, most especially those that are holding supervisory and managerial positions. If you the telemarketer promised that the conversation will last for 5 minutes make sure it ends five minutes or else you lose your credibility. But if you feel that the client is willing to extend then ask permission, if he obliges then you have the opportunity to further convince him about what you are offering.

These simple rules are all about being prepared and being respectful. Simple it may seem but this helps the telemarketing profession a respected profession most especially in the Philippines.

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