Using Telemarketing for Relationship Marketing

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The buzzword right now is Relationship Marketing. However, even in the past one way to gain clients and maintain customers is by strengthening the relationships between the seller and the buyer.

But the current tough business environment made relationship marketing even more meaningful and compelling. It is a must for all companies who wanted to survive the brutal competitive environment.

Relationship Marketing makes doing business easier. Relationship marketing uses the common sense that people will care for you if you show first that you care for them.
Relationship Marketing develops trust and with a trust transformed like a strong Narra Tree, there is no doubt that continuous business is ensured.

One way of developing a strong relationship with your clients is by using the phone. Yes, by maximizing the affordable tool that is telemarketing.

You can use telemarketing by:

1.Greeting Clients During their Birthdays

2.    Greeting Clients A Good Day

3.    Calling Clients Just To Know How They are Doing

These are simple things but are very important things for a human being (all your clients are human beings, if you are forgetting about this fact).

This fact gives telemarketing a new meaning. For majority, telemarketing is about pushing sales. Yes it is but it is not only that. We now can see that telemarketing is one of the best ways to do Relationship Marketing.

A Telemarketer Saves A Client’s Day

There is one story that I love about Telemarketing. It begins like this, a telemarketer called a client that has not yet done any business to his company. During this time the client is undergoing an emotional situation. The client had a very ugly fight with her husband.

At first, the client is very mad for the call she received with the telemarketer. Sensing that this is not the best time to sell, the telemarketer sincerely asks the client how she is feeling today. This question led the client to open up with the telemarketer.

The great thing with the telemarketer is the he is a good listener. He listened intently and emphatically to the client. The client feeling his sincerity opened up. The telemarketer did not advice anything, he just listens and, from time to time, answered and asked questions. The client became comfortable with the telemarketer because of this gesture.

After the emotional outpouring to the telemarketer the client felt good. Anyone who has made an emotional release will feel good. The client say thank you to the telemarketer for giving her time to listen to her. The telemarketer just says “no problem” he felt the need to do it and said goodbye.

After a week, the client called the telemarketer and did business with him. She gave the telemarketer a big sale. The telemarketer earned the Sales Achiever of the month in his company because of this account. End of story.

The lesson now is that Relationship takes time with the client. Telemarketing is a powerful tool, we just have to know how to use it most especially in our quest to do Relationship Marketing.


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