We are Looking for Additional People in Our Jump shots

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Work should be fun and challenging.

These two things give us the reason to go to work every day with passion and energy.

In Exlinkevents we strive to do that. We strive to make it FUN. This is the reason why we have two GREAT ORGANIZATIONAL OUTINGS A YEAR. Every place we go we strive to know it. We always believe that the people that go to a particular place are changed, and sometimes forever changed.

We also strive to make it CHALLENGING. Ask one of the Exlinkers and they will tell you the challenges they face in staging an event to make it successful. No doubt, for us the event is an ART.. It is like a blank canvass during the conceptualization stage and colors appear during the implementation stage – making it an ART, we are all proud of saying we have a small part in making it an ART.

So we now go to the most important reason we are discussing about the FUN and CHALLENGE, this year Exlinkevents further challenge its internal capacity by creating bigger events. When we say bigger we mean BIGGER! Now because of this we need additional people in sales and marketing.

In particular, we need people who have EXPERIENCE in sales and marketing. This is to shorten the learning curve of knowing the industry. This also speeds up the contribution of these lucky people to the vision that we set this year.

The vision is simple:  Create Business Events that will make an Impact to the Learning and Economic Development of the Country.

The FUN and CHALLENGE is the gravy of what we do and who we are.

Who we are defines what we do. This is very important. Exlinkers work not only for personal economic reasons but for improving our society, our country. In what we do, we create progress.

You see, we do business events like tradeshows that facilitate business transactions. We also create and manage conventions that act as vehicle for knowledge transfer and dissemination.

Every time we do what we do best, in our hearts and mind we know that we are making a better society, a better country. This knowledge is enough for us to KEEP MOVING FORWARD AND FLYING HIGHER.  

Now if you have the experience, send your resume to info@exlinkevents.com. If you do not have the experience but believes in our Vision we will give you a shot to be part of our family.

Yes, we need additional people to expand the panorama of the organization. Lastly, to make the group jump shots that we take yearly, in our out of town sorties, BETTER and BIGGER.

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