3 Event Management Jobs for New Graduates in the Philippines

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Summer is the season to travel – go to the beaches, taste new food, and experience new culture. However, this is also the season for new graduates to find their place in the corporate world.

For those who wanted to be part of the event management industry, and by being part, I mean serious and committed to be part of the event management industry, here are available jobs that you may want to apply.

Event Sales Associate

This job allows you to deal with different accounts or clients. This is a challenging but a rewarding function in the industry. Companies give incentives to achievers in this function.

Some roles in this job are:

  • Generate Clients or Prospect Lists
  • Telemarketing
  • Client Meeting
  • Sales Presentation
  • Sales Generation
  • Account Management

Event Production Associate | Event Coordinator

This job makes you part of the production or service team. A lot of new graduates that tried this function thought that this function is a walk in the park, the opposite is true!

This is pure hard work. Your dedication and passion for the industry will be tested. However, the knowledge and skills you will gain from performing this role will greatly grow you as a person.

Some roles in this job are:

  • Suppliers coordination
  • Venue coordination
  • Client coordination
  • Talent coordination
  • Actual set-up management
  • Move-out management

Event Promotion Associate or Assistant

The event promotion staff handles the marketing and promotion of client events or the events produced by the event management company.

The advent of the social media makes the event promotion staff role important. Most of the times, this is the staff that connects with the quad media outlets (TV, print, radio, and online).

Some of the typical roles of the job are:

  •  Media Invitation Coordination
  • Online Content Management
  • Press Con Management or Coordination
  • Opening Ceremony Media Coordination
  • Monitoring of Media Releases or Pickups

These are three basic jobs that you can look and apply on different event management companies. Each particular job function is challenging and rewarding. It will change you for the better, and this is a guarantee.

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